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It’s Not Personal – May 16th


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Perpetual Teatime – May 11th

With your leave, or indeed without it, I think, I will take the liberty of dwelling a moment upon this marvelous concept.  Somewhere, it is always time for a cup of tea and a biscuit. 

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There Exists In This World An Egg Lobby – May 10th

I love eggs, and most of the ones I eat at home were laid across the street.  I don’t often think too much about where most eggs – supermarket eggs, I guess – come from.  We’ve talked about the tiny … Continue reading

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NOT My Weekly Link – May 8th

Okay, I know I keep posting nonassigned tidbits and I do sincerely apologize.  But I really liked this, which I read on Dear Blank, Please Blank. Dear raw food diet, Cookie dough counts… Sincerely, right?

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Less Meat, More Olives

GQ’s tips on a lower-calorie diet.  They seem sensible for anyone living in America.  Even if it were rubbish, this would be worth clicking on just for the photo of the water in slide 7.

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Tea And Problems – May 2nd

So.  I’m sort of stupid.  Exhibit A: Imogen, when offered the full spectrum of all the millions of “controversial issues” to write her final Composition paper about, chooses “GLOBALIZATION.”

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A Truly Terrible Excuse For A Sonnet That I Wrote In A Fast-Moving Car Under The Influence Of Eggs Benedict – April 28th

I had an interview over lunch in Bath this break, with my senator’s chief of staff.

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