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Think About It (5/18)

The last semester has included many minutes wasted in class, talking about things that have no relation to the topic whatsoever and then actually talking about food. We learned things in class as well, and it was all around an … Continue reading

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Nothing Manly About Walking Around Singing Neil Sedaka (5/2)

Bacon grease soup. I say yes. So much yes, right now. Well, chicken stock, potatoes and bacon grease. And onions. I really want to eat this right now, it just sounds so odd and delicious. Need a stiff drink to … Continue reading

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Weekly Link- So. Much. Bacon (3/28)

So I know we can’t say the word in class, but I believe the blog has no limits to the greasy, fatty meat. I was at Denny’s the other day with my bacon-loving family and we noticed their “baconalia” menu. … Continue reading

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Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life..(3/27)

Title: Quote, Unknown Class, I actually remembered to do my link post! Yay! The website I found is quite disgusting in my opinion, but I knew Ben and Logan would want to look at it immediately. I figured that since we are … Continue reading

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Said The King To The River (3/16)

Foods that I can pronounce and detect are definitely of French pronunciation, why must you elude me with your spelling? Why, internet, must you be as slow as an old man with broken legs moving uphill in molasses? Mirliton, that … Continue reading

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The Surgeon and the Scientist (3/14)

I ate an entire blueberry pie today, during a pie eating contest. One pie, however long it takes to eat it. It was delicious and yet disgusting. That got me thinking of the food pyramid, and it made me wonder … Continue reading

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Weekly Link (3/14) Bacon Lovers

Since there has been so much talk of bacon in the last few weeks, I have decided to post yet another bacon link.  This website is a place where you can sign up to join the Bacon of the Month … Continue reading

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