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Link – TED: Benjamin Wallace on The Price of Happiness (5/2)

I was watching TED videos a few days ago and found this. Mr. Wallace talks quite a bit about the foods we talked about that have the huge hype surrounding them, and whether the differences are subjective or objective. An … Continue reading

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I wanted that title Popov (4/27)

In class this week, as most of you should know, we have been discussing the book The history of the world in Six Glasses.  In one part of the book it discusses how in ancient civilizations wine was considered a … Continue reading

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Subjectivity Vs. Objectivity (4/27)

So this week we spent a good half hour discussing the quality or “goodness” of wine and drinks and food in general, and whether similar foods are actually perceivably different or the differences we attribute to them are merely cultural … Continue reading

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