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What I Really Learned In Study Hall (4/9)

It was a mad experiment. Well, at least, by the end it was. This is what happens when I make poutine for the first time. Advertisements

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Cookies (4/7)

What I like most about my peanut butter cookies is their simplicity and the memories involved with them. The cookies are too simple to be messed up and no matter what, they will end up being delicious, so long as … Continue reading

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No One Likes Superman Anymore, But They All Love Cookies. (2/8)

Cookies can be cooked to make them soft, crispy, or anything in between. They can be filled with chocolate, almonds, peanuts (which aren’t actually nuts, by the way, they are categorized as “legumes,” which I find odd, as “legume” is … Continue reading

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