A Truly Terrible Excuse For A Sonnet That I Wrote In A Fast-Moving Car Under The Influence Of Eggs Benedict – April 28th

I had an interview over lunch in Bath this break, with my senator’s chief of staff.

What wonders can be done with eggs and bread!

As “whites” from glassy clear to milky turn,

And gooey yolk leaves any mouth well-fed,

With buttered toast, yet leaves me still to yearn

For hollandaise, to paint gold lilies gold,

That lemon-coloured, lemon-scented frill,

Redeems and rights the richness, and I’m sold,

I’ll pay my soul if I can have my fill.

Such pepper-speckled, snowy-plated gems

Such sacraments to satiety and glee

From what god’s furrowed brow could they have stemmed,

Which peoples passed down Benedict to me?

If manna bored bored them in their new-freed bliss,

Somebody should have fed them some of this.

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