Tea And Problems – May 2nd

So.  I’m sort of stupid.  Exhibit A: Imogen, when offered the full spectrum of all the millions of “controversial issues” to write her final Composition paper about, chooses “GLOBALIZATION.”

Can you think of a vaguer topic?  One with more angles and aspects and facets and opinions and generalizations attached to it?  Don’t say bacon.

I feel this is enough evidence to convince you.

So, I had to narrow it down, and I decided to attack it from a sort of food-and-global-health standpoint – rising obesity rates in Asian populations because of evil McDonald’s, etc., etc.  And I was doing a little bit of research tonight, and came across this, which I find tragically funny.  As… responsible tea drinkers… I feel we should know more about the stuff’s history than the Boston Tea Party and the recent Republican hijacking of the word.  And it’s really a very interesting look at a) the brutal nature of colonization, something it’s hard to overstate, and b) how imported products become popular, and to what effect.

And the story is sort of ridiculous.  What?  We can grow tea in India as well?!  You don’t say!  What on earth were we messing about with tariffs and opium for, we can just enslave a different population.

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