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NOT My Weekly Link – May 8th

Okay, I know I keep posting nonassigned tidbits and I do sincerely apologize.  But I really liked this, which I read on Dear Blank, Please Blank. Dear raw food diet, Cookie dough counts… Sincerely, right?

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Never trust a skinny cook..(3/31)

Title: Quote, Iain Hewitson Though I do not believe with a lot of points brought up in Wrangham’s book, there was one point that he made that was pretty difficult to argue with. Cooked food gives us more energy, and … Continue reading

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Weekly Response – March 9th – Horrifying, Intriguing

We’ve been talking an awful lot about raw food diets, and I know I’ve been very vocal in my distaste for the cultish devotion that they seem to command in some. 

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Weekly Link- A New Weight Loss Solution? No, Definitely Not. (3/7)

This weeks link is about the benefits of a raw diet. The home page of this website boasts about how you can lose so much weight on this raw diet that they are presenting. What they don’t tell you, is … Continue reading

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Weekly Response – Raw Food, Evolution, and the Like (3/2)

So, this week we talked about lots of interesting things. I also came across many things in the news and in my own web-surfing that made mental connections to what we learned, so my mental picture of where everything related … Continue reading

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Bury Your Flame (2/2)

I suppose I should read the assigned reading for tomorrow before posting, because some of my questions may be answered… One moment. That’s better. Anyone who has read my Food Philosophy knows that I love bacon, just as any man … Continue reading

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Avoid any diet that discourages the use of hot fudge..(2/28)

Title: Quote, Don Kardong So, a few things provoked my link this week. Firstly, Mr. Knight’s cookie binge got me thinking about what I would feel I had to do to make myself feel better after such a binge. Then, … Continue reading

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