Random Link Post That You Must See Immediately.

So, I was searching the internet for the publishing information stuff so I could cite Standage, and I found this . I just thought it was sort of cool that he is on here, so you guys should go look at stuff about his books that he has on there.

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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on..(5/18)

Title: Quote, Ghandi

Of all the things I have learned this semester, I think the most valuable thing I will take away is my new way of thinking about food. Because of medical issues, I had already had to start thinking about food in an entirely new way. However, this class really helped me to think about food in such an obvious way that I never would have thought about it myself: as a way to get energy to get through the day. Continue reading

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Think About It (5/18)

The last semester has included many minutes wasted in class, talking about things that have no relation to the topic whatsoever and then actually talking about food. We learned things in class as well, and it was all around an interesting and informative class.

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My Final Weekly Response (5/18)

This is the last personal response for the year and I don’t really know what to do about it.  Mr. Knight has told me to summarize everything that we did this semester, but I feel that I need to do more.  I’ve started to associate every Monday with weekly link, every Friday with food journal, and every Wednesday with my responses.  It will be sad to see it all go but I think that I may still check in on the blog from time to time over the summer.

Anyway, summarize everything we did this semester.  The things I say will probably not be in order because I don’t remember everything.  First, the word that means a meaty strip from a pig has been banned from being said in class by Logan and I, and so has saying the reading was “thorough” with a sarcastic tone.

Other things have happened as well as most of you know.  I learned that in the future the world may run out of food and won’t be able to support its population.  I know that this is a scary thing to some people but to me its just another problem that we may or may not ever solve.  I also learned that there are certain people who are really passionate about peaches and preserving the kind of peach they love.

I’ve had some fun times making the bacon bomb and enjoying all of the foods that we eat in class.  Sometimes when I’m not in class I’ll be eating something and I’ll do all the stuff we do in class, like hold it there for 30 seconds or smell it and examine it.

I’m pretty sure I loved the food journal the most.  It made me look at how ridiculously I eat on a daily basis and although I don’t eat that much lately, I still can’t help but think of those seven wonderful pieces of chocolate cake.  They were soooo amazing.  Oh and 1 more thing, Always live in a house of attractive women. 😀

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Personal Response- What Studying Food Has Taught Me. (5/18)

This semester we have gone over countless articles and chapters about…. food. Everything about food, about how food creates cultures, about the history of food, food related traditions, and even the theory that the start of cooking food is what caused humans to evolve. Continue reading

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It’s Not Personal – May 16th

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Morning Eats (5/11)

Prelude: So, I have a cultural (but not necessarily food-related) question. In Russia & Co. (Ukraine, Belarus, etc.), it is kind of a taboo to shake hands or say goodbye to someone over a threshold. People like pizza deliverers will not complete a purchase through a doorway, you must either go out or let them in. So I was wondering, is this similar here? I know the pizza thing isn’t but what about the shaking hands and goodbye thing? I was brought up in Russian culture, so I always get antsy when people try to do that to me, and always step over the threshold or freak out a little. I guess I might be crazy. Please be so kind as to provide an answer in the comments.

Now, onto the good stuff. If you can call my writing “good stuff”.

So, both Mr. Dintaman and Mr. Knight just declined our requests to become real human beings, get up at 4:00 AM, and see some cool planets. This got me thinking about morning, and my very habitual routine (which is rudely disrupted by being here).

Often in my dreams, I get up and repeat my routine. It’s so relaxing. I think my level of stress can be nicely measured by the amount of variation I currently have from my routine. I am a creature of habit. So, I get up, and then, if it is winter, I ask (or scream at) my grandmother to hand me the phone so I can call the snow phone, or if it summer, I just get up. I brush mah teeth and get dressed in either my base layer for skiing, or swim trunks for kayaking.

Here is the food part: Every morning at home, my grandfather makes this carrot mush stuff from carrots (duh), apples, honey, lemons, and “guilder rose” or “snowball bush” berries. Apparently that doesn’t translate well… Darn. I’d think that you Americans would have a name for something that grows quite abundantly in the western mountains of Maine (and all over the place in Russia). *Rantrantrant similar to Imogen’s citizenship rantrantrant*. Anywho, this carrot stuff is like, basically, a superfood, and I feel better when I eat it than when I don’t.

I then eat my signature bagel with cream cheese, usually paired with some combination of salami, buckwheat porridge (again, no nice translation… I would not call this porridge. I don’t know what to call it in English), feta/cottage cheese, and assorted vegetables. I will then either catch a ride to Sugarloaf, or kayak to my sandy little island and sleep/read. Now you see why I want to go home so badly.

Anywho, the point I’m trying to make is that my morning routine is part of what makes and defines me, mentally, physically, and culturally, and the food I eat is a critical part of that routine.

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