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It’s Not Personal – May 16th


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There Exists In This World An Egg Lobby – May 10th

I love eggs, and most of the ones I eat at home were laid across the street.  I don’t often think too much about where most eggs – supermarket eggs, I guess – come from.  We’ve talked about the tiny … Continue reading

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At the end of every diet, the path curves back toward the trough..(5/9)

Title: Quote, Mason Cooley This website is one that addresses an issue we’ve not only been talking about all year, but one that I discuss in my food philosophy: processed food. It highlights specific nutrients that we are lacking because … Continue reading

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Weekly Link (5/9)

The first link this week is a list of 100 food related blogs. They are somewhat health/nutrition based because of the stumble interests, but I think these blogs set a good example of what our blog should shape up to … Continue reading

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Weekly Link (5/2)

My link this week is to the Forbes list of the worlds most expensive wines.  It has a nice little slide show of stories and pictures of the world’s most expensive wines and it is divided into categories, such as … Continue reading

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Tea And Problems – May 2nd

So.  I’m sort of stupid.  Exhibit A: Imogen, when offered the full spectrum of all the millions of “controversial issues” to write her final Composition paper about, chooses “GLOBALIZATION.”

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Weekly Links (5/2)

For this weeks link post, I lacked inspiration, so I started stumbling. I set the interests to nutrition and heath because they were the most food related and stumbled for about two hours. Needless to say, I’ve found more than … Continue reading

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