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Why are humans not the brightest things? (4/13)

In this weeks reading we learned about how humans have altered certain plants so much that without us, the plants cannot survive.  Without us, corn would not grow because of the massive amount of kernels on the cob.  Since there … Continue reading

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What Sound Does A Mastadon Make? (4/13)

Well now I cannot look at corn in the same way. I want to slap it for being such a terrible plant. The blasted thing cannot survive without us. Us being humans, of course, not aliens and their crop circles … Continue reading

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Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent..(4/11)

Title: Quote, Epictetus We’ve talked a lot in class in the past about all the strange diets that people go on. This website is one that defines different types of foodists, and charts it as well with a pictograph (and … Continue reading

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30 facts that will only ever be helpful if you play some trivia game like Jeopardy (4/?)

30 Facts Have you ever wondered what figs were symbols of to the Arabians? Ever wondered what’s in pepper spray? Ever wondered how many Americans eat at McDonald’s per day? Than this is the website for you!

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Daily Recipe 36 Skillet Fried Corn

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