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Foodish like substance that you should be grateful for (5/9)

While I was doing research for my final paper on Libya, I stumbled upon this article. I know the school food here is sometimes of questionable origins, but at least we have food (or food like substance, if you feel … Continue reading

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3 bored people, 2 dogs, and a laser pointer. What could possibly go wrong? (4/27)

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How Humanity Made It Through The ’50s – April 25th

So, my daddy was born in 1954 outside of Detroit.  He escaped and erased almost all the evidence that he’d ever set foot in the Midwest, but he sometimes talks with a shudder of the food of his childhood. 

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Weekly Response – March 9th – Horrifying, Intriguing

We’ve been talking an awful lot about raw food diets, and I know I’ve been very vocal in my distaste for the cultish devotion that they seem to command in some. 

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Adventures in Cooking Alone, Part II

Today I obtained 100% of my necessary daily Calories from cookies.

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Link Week #2 (1/31)

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=122498255 http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/05/business/05monsanto.html These two news articles are on the Mosanto seeds. Mosanto is a company that sells genetically modified seeds, pesticides, and herbicides. Apparently, the seeds work great, but the farmers are not allowed to use seeds created by the … Continue reading

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Emergency Bonus Link: Le Whaf

This is concerning on many levels. No, cancel that, this is a travesty, an aberration, and it must be stopped! The thing you are looking at is called, “Le Whaf.” Study it well, memorize the shape, because this is the … Continue reading

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