In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on..(5/18)

Title: Quote, Ghandi

Of all the things I have learned this semester, I think the most valuable thing I will take away is my new way of thinking about food. Because of medical issues, I had already had to start thinking about food in an entirely new way. However, this class really helped me to think about food in such an obvious way that I never would have thought about it myself: as a way to get energy to get through the day.

I actually chose to write my final paper on how America needs to think about food in a new way. The reason that our country has the problem that it does with obesity is that we think too much about food as a source of entertainment rather than a source of energy. It’s set in our minds that three meals a day is healthy, but not if you’re eating the way that most Americans do.

So, I actually learned today that what I learn in food studies can be discussed in an everyday setting. I have determined that Kate is in fact of English descent, as she thought, because she drinks tea…and WAIT….not just ANY tea….black tea, which, as we all know is the junk that China gave up and was all like Haha, we just gave them crap tea. I’m pretty excited to be able to apply this to real-life situations.

So, after this semester of discussing corn, wheat, bacon, fire, coffee, tea, and more corn, I take away countless hilarious stories to use as blackmail against Mr. Knight, all the quickest ways to get wasted, all the reasons exactly why I should hate Chili’s, and how Little Ben is going to reach a premature death (overdose of bacon of course). I will of course treasure these lessons forever.

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