It’s Not Personal – May 16th

I was doing some research for my final paper and came across this “article” about vegetarianism and different variations thereon (you’ll eat fish but not eggs?!).  It has a couple very funny graphs, and I especially enjoyed the comparison of raw foodists to versions of Bjork made of clear gelatin, and I think you will too.  So you should read this.   Now, let me make it clear that I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans or any of the too-many-to-keep-straight -arians (well…. barring fruitarians) out there, and think that, if they’re avoiding animal protein and eating more efficiently than us soulless carnivores who ruin the earth, great.  This is more about how the benefits of “veganism and the healing properties of soy” (scroll down the page) can be shoved down your throat by their practitioners.

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3 Responses to It’s Not Personal – May 16th

  1. William Popov says:

    Goodness Imogen, you probably have the best links. This made me smile.

  2. kaseyjosander says:

    Another reason to be on the pie chart:

    so that I don’t have to eat Logan and Ben’s projects in Food Studies .00000001%

  3. porteram says:

    Kasey Jo, I think the appropriate pie chart for that would be entitled “Top Reasons Cited for Becoming a Vegetarian for a Single Semester”. The breakdown would be 10% My girlfriend said it was a good idea (as my ignorant brother once did) and 90% so that I don’t have to eat Logan and Ben’s projects in Food Studies.

    And seriously, what’s this meat you keep talking about? Really?

    Great post, Imogen.

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