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The Minimalist – February 7th

Around Thanksgiving I spent about four hours in a row just watching the videos Mark Bittman, The Minimalist, made.  And they got me so excited.  They made me so hungry.  More to the point, they made me want to cook.  … Continue reading

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I Miss My KitchenAid – Response – February 2nd

It was my baby.  We’d been together since my eleventh birthday.  We spent almost every afternoon after school together for, oh, so very long.  Got to know one another.  We made bread, pies, biscuits, so very many cakes.  We whipped … Continue reading

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Early American Cooking: A Weekly Link

My link for this week is actually a page from the website that Ben already linked us to. It is an article (with excerpts) on The Virginia Housewife, by Mary Jane (Molly) Randolph, who coincidentally happens to be my five-times-great … Continue reading

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Whose Job is it, Anyway? (1/26)

I believe that food should knock your socks off.  Food should make you sit back and think, “Wow, that’s good.”  Food does not have too look good, although presentation and style does help to encourage one to lift that first … Continue reading

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