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The Bacon Bomb Again (4/4)

Now that you have all experienced the joys of the Bacon Bomb, except Kasey of course, you should all see why I love it.  I got up at 6:30 this morning to make my creation in the dorm kitchen.  Using … Continue reading

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Weekly Link- Chicken! (2/28)

Over break I tried a couple new recipes for chicken. The first was chicken breast covered with salsa and shredded cheese, which proved to be probably the best chicken I have ever had. And the second recipe included a mixture … Continue reading

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Adventures in Cooking Alone, Part 1

So, the break has begun, the students are all gone, and here I am, alone in the dorm for the next week. How do I celebrate this new found solitude and tranquility? The only way one should celebrate anything: with … Continue reading

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You Asked For Pictures – February 18th

I was going through old blog photos from the beginning of the school year and found some of a cake I made and blogged about in September.  It was a completely fantastic New York Times recipe, and I may as … Continue reading

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