Think About It (5/18)

The last semester has included many minutes wasted in class, talking about things that have no relation to the topic whatsoever and then actually talking about food. We learned things in class as well, and it was all around an interesting and informative class.

I jumped into class late, being sick for quite a while and add-dropping out of economics and straight into Food Studies. For the first few classes I was a bit out of it, but I was soon back into the groove of things. We learned about nutritional information and things of the like. We studied foods, basically. It is Food Studies, and one should definitely study food in that class.

Throughout those days of learning about food, we have read quite a bit, on the origins of food, and the socio-psychological aspects of food. I believe we even discussed whether or not one should snackify drinks or drinkify snacks. We also discussed cannibalism and its downsides quite a bit. All in all, food is a weird thing. To some people, snackifying drinks and drinkifying snacks seems perfectly normal. To others, eating humans is an average daily occurring. Or at least not that weird and terribly dangerous.

Food itself is also a weird thing. It can be defined as many different things. Celery is food, but a television is not. That is a rather ridiculous example, but what if a television was considered food? That would be… interesting, to say the very least. I seem to have lost myself here. Basically, food is a perception of one’s own reality. I am certain that there is probably maybe a place somewhere that kinda eats television sets. I am quite uncertainly certain. I am not being entirely vague for a reason…

Can somebody get the knife and fork out of my leg please?

Hulking Manatee


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I'm an MSSMer, so... I'm insane. Yes, absolutely insane. Bonkers, even.
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1 Response to Think About It (5/18)

  1. bensmgb says:

    You very good points there Mr. Dixon. We did waste a good deal of class time discussing other things and also you should fix the word “occurring” to occurrence in your 3rd paragraph.

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