No One Likes Superman Anymore, But They All Love Cookies. (2/8)

Cookies can be cooked to make them soft, crispy, or anything in between. They can be filled with chocolate, almonds, peanuts (which aren’t actually nuts, by the way, they are categorized as “legumes,” which I find odd, as “legume” is French for vegetable… Oh well), and they can even be made with pumpkin and chocolate chips to make pumpkin chip cookies.

Today in class, after eating a variety of cookies, meaning two Chips Ahoy! chewy, one Pepperidge Farms soft baked, and one Sir Knight cookie, I realized how much I miss my mother’s own cookies. The recipe was found originally in an old box filled with recipes, all on old paper, yellowed and crisp. They had not seen the light of day in years, and they would soon be relinquished from their confined space from the small cupboard next to the oven, and placed in a position of honor… On top of the counter next to the oven.

The cookie batter is made up, with music playing downstairs. From the radio at earlier ages, and an iPod now. With music blaring, the cookies are thrown in the oven, being checked on after a set amount of time to see if the edges are just starting to brown. That is the time to take them out. The cookies cooling on the sheets in the kitchen are quietly dispatched with glasses of milk; if one listens closely enough, one can hear a faint, satisfied “Mmmmmmm,” from all corners of the house. With three teenage boys in the house, the cookies are gone within a few days, rarely a week. A nice treat, if I do say so myself.

Sharing these cookies up here at MSSM has been a pleasant experience, to say the least. The positive reactions have been lovely, but I’ve also lost an entire batch in a few minutes. I fear not though, because my mother sends up fairly regular care packages with things like cookies, as a way to help me get through the stress and craziness of the Maine School of Science and Mathematics.


Some Call Them Crack Cocaine Cookies, Because Of Their Addictive Properties,

Hulking Manatee


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I'm an MSSMer, so... I'm insane. Yes, absolutely insane. Bonkers, even.
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