Why are humans not the brightest things? (4/13)

In this weeks reading we learned about how humans have altered certain plants so much that without us, the plants cannot survive.  Without us, corn would not grow because of the massive amount of kernels on the cob.  Since there are too many seeds on the plant, when they fall to the ground they cannot grow because of a lack of nutrients in one area.  Without humans to plant the seeds separately from each other, corn would eventually die out.  It began as something that I think looks much like a larger grain of wheat, but as humans began to grow it, we twisted it into a massive hideous abomination.

Another of the plants that humans have completely mutilated is the simple wheat plant.  The first wheat plants had an extremely tough outer shell that was not very suitable for humans to use, but as time went on humans began to only grow plants with thinner and thinner shells.  After thousands of years the modern wheat plant was born.   The smaller shell however made it so the wheat could not grow on its own and became dependent upon humans.

Another of the things that humans have completely failed at is creating any kind of biodiversity.  In the U. S. there are only a few farms that provide the food for the entire country.  These farms grow largely the same kind of plants and if one virus or infection were to happen to one of the plants, all of them would die.  This would then result in a massive famine for the whole country all because of a lack of biodiversity.

In conclusion I believe that humans today need to take a step back and examine exactly what they have done.  I would rather not be able to eat delicious corn for years on end because of one little virus and i think that most of you can agree.

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