Weekly Response (5/11)

Well since I haven’t been in Food Studies for the last few days, I’m just going to comment on the reading and not the discussion.  Also I almost forgot to post this and so I hope that I can type it in like 20 minutes. 

So coffee is a pretty awesome thing.  It helps increase academic ability and helps to heighten awareness.  Coffee shops in earlier times were places where people went to get the daily news, hang out with friends, or discuss new theories and discoveries.  I even learned that coffee helped to create a stronger economy in certain countries due to the large amount of coffee beans that needed to be imported.  

Well enough about coffee and onto… Appetite.  Its a thing that changes every day and it doesn’t matter who you are, you have some kind of an appetite.  Some people have more of an appetite when their happy or when their sad while others have more appetite when they are alone or when their with people.  Whatever may be your situation, everyone does or does not want to eat food at some point.  Along with appetite there is also a little something called craving.  It is that feeling you get when you really really want a type of food.  I’m pretty sure that you’ve all had this wonderful feeling and sometimes its good and sometimes its the worst thing EVER.  One of these times was yesterday when I was sick.  I really really REALLY wanted a donut because I had been watching food network and Paula Deen waas making fried donuts.  Why Paula Why?!?!?!?!  There was just so much butter and sugar I could almost almost taste it, but of course living here in Limestone and being sick, there is no way to get a nice warm donut from a bakery.

Well thank you all for listening to my randomness and I hope I get a donut. 

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Perpetual Teatime – May 11th

With your leave, or indeed without it, I think, I will take the liberty of dwelling a moment upon this marvelous concept.  Somewhere, it is always time for a cup of tea and a biscuit.  Continue reading

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Humans as the creating animal (part two) and other metaphysical ramblings of a brain dead AP Comp student/ part time insomniac/sufferer of end-of-school ADHD (5/11)

WARNING: Crap is about to get metaphysical.

Continue reading

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Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company..(5/11)

Title: Quote, Unknown

Tea being such a stereotypical British drink, I was surprised to see in tonight’s reading that it was originally, in fact, not much of a British thing at all. This reading really made me stop to think about what other stereotypes of food we have in our culture that are in fact misconceptions. I decided to explore these stereotypes: Continue reading

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Skullcrusher Mountain (5/11)

Coffee is, well… All right, I suppose. I am not a huge fan, but every once in a while I will have a cup. In all seriousness, though, I do not drink it for enjoyment, like some people I know. I drink coffee as a way to get caffeine, an essential ingredient here at the MSSM. I may drink coffee on Saturday morning, and sometimes even Sunday morning, but any other day of the week I can easily make it through without much caffeine. Usually. Coffee is great when it is needed, how about that? But as the author of “Stuff White People Like” (a white person himself) said on a white person drinking coffee, “You could kind of tell they didn’t enjoy it, but they did it anyways until they liked it – like cigarettes.”  Continue reading

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Personal Response- Is Beer Better Than Coffee? (5/11)

This weeks reading has been about coffee. The first coffee caused clarity of thought. What surprised me about the reading was how people tried to ban coffee. Their excuse for banning it was that it altered you’re physical and mental state when you drank it. However, that was the only reason people drank it. I understand that it would have been less of an everyday drink like wine and beer were. But people drank wine and beer because it made them drunk. So it seems that if people were more dependent on coffee, like they were on beer and wine, there would not be any sort of push to ban it.  Continue reading

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There Exists In This World An Egg Lobby – May 10th

I love eggs, and most of the ones I eat at home were laid across the street.  I don’t often think too much about where most eggs – supermarket eggs, I guess – come from.  We’ve talked about the tiny odds of getting salmonella poisoning from eating raw egg.  This is a really interesting commentary on the industry.  By the way, you should all read Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryll WuDunn’s work if you have even a moment in which to do so.  They’re the first married couple ever to win a joint Pullitzer, and their book Half The Sky is phenomenal.

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