Personal Response- Is Beer Better Than Coffee? (5/11)

This weeks reading has been about coffee. The first coffee caused clarity of thought. What surprised me about the reading was how people tried to ban coffee. Their excuse for banning it was that it altered you’re physical and mental state when you drank it. However, that was the only reason people drank it. I understand that it would have been less of an everyday drink like wine and beer were. But people drank wine and beer because it made them drunk. So it seems that if people were more dependent on coffee, like they were on beer and wine, there would not be any sort of push to ban it. 

Also, the reading made me question when people started drinking coffee not only to think straight, but to stay awake. I think an interesting addition to this coffee section would be when coffee’s caffeine was realized and it’s potential was turned into energy drinks.

It would be interesting to track the history of beer and wine until we see where the two beverages became recreational drinks. And by that I mean when beer and wine were no longer drank on a normal basis, but were drank to predominately get drunk and hang out with friends. It seemed to me that over the course of the last two centuries beer has taken over coffee’s role. Maybe that’s just because my neck of the wood’s a bit more redneck than anybody should be. But in all my experiences it’s always been “you want to come hang out and drink a beer” (which always turns into like ten or twelve beers) or if anybody comes over its just “hey, you want a beer?” And there’s always the few beers that it takes to put an engine back together. It’s like beer has become so casual that it has taken over coffee’s job. Although thinking about it now, i’m pretty sure “classy” people wouldn’t appreciate the way beer has taken over our social lives. Which seems to be almost like it was before, because wine represented more wealth. However, now beer doesn’t seem to be for people of lower wealth, but merely less formal.

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One Response to Personal Response- Is Beer Better Than Coffee? (5/11)

  1. porteram says:

    Answer: No. By comparing the smells alone (as I have never actually tasted beer), I can tell you that coffee is infinitely better than beer.

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