Oh No! Chocolate Milk! (5/9)

Oh God, save our children from this horrible, sugary menace!

I just read an article in the Washington Post about chocolate milk and how many school districts are considering banning it.

I don’t really like chocolate milk, but I think that there are much bigger problems with school lunches, starting with the fact that a lot of it is simply not edible (not really a problem here at MSSM, but at my sending school, a lot of the food was unpalatable) and ending with the fact that what is edible is usually an abomination and scary to look at, not to mention the levels of fat and sugar and whatnot.

I think people should get their priorities straight.

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3 Responses to Oh No! Chocolate Milk! (5/9)

  1. porteram says:

    I was actually really surprised to read that 70 percent of the milk consumed is flavored! (I also thought it was a little weird that they addressed strawberry milk. I never knew it to be a thing in schools until our school recently acquired it.)

  2. maoismdoesntwork says:

    Have you ever read the ingredients on one of those cartons? I’m not comfortable with the idea that the only way some children drink milk is with a considerable shot of corn syrup. It’s comparable to having sodas in vending machines in schools, as far as I can see.

    In addition to that, I was very unpopular for a few months of sixth grade, because my mother tried to get flavoured milks banned at my middle school (she succeeded on the strawberry front; chocolate prevailed) and my classmates were /extremely/ upset about it. Looking back, it really amuses me.

  3. William Popov says:

    Well, I concede that it is also an important factor in school lunches, and it should still be milk (not some 50/50 mix of milk and pink chemicals, as it seems to be in strawberry milk). However, I do believe that there are bigger problems.

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