Foodish like substance that you should be grateful for (5/9)

While I was doing research for my final paper on Libya, I stumbled upon this article. I know the

school food here is sometimes of questionable origins, but at least we have food (or food like

substance, if you feel that that is closer to the truth). None of us have really had to live without

or ever had to worry about where our next meal would come from. (Warning: I am about to

sound like one of those vaguely maternalish like figures whose trying to get you to eat your peas.

However, there is sometimes a grain of truth in those horrid clichés.) The next time you think

about complaining about the school food, think about the starving children in Africa.
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2 Responses to Foodish like substance that you should be grateful for (5/9)

  1. maoismdoesntwork says:

    Thanks for this, Kasey. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with this sort of news here, and it’s good to have something to keep Limestone in perspective.

    Also, your post appears in this strange font and scrolls left-right instead of up-down. How did you do that?

    • kaseyjosander says:

      honestly, I had already written my post and I simply copied and pasted it into the blog…I don’t actually know how the font-thing worked….Purely accidental

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