Weekly Response (5/4)

For my final Food Studies project, Logan and I are each writing papers about fried foods and the joy and happiness they bring.  My part of the project is to reflect on the sheer awesomeness of the frying process and result and his part is to write about the scientific aspect of it all.  The final and greatest part of the project is that we get to create a feast of fried foods for the class.(Also a vegetarian option for Kasey this time.)  I’m going to use this weeks post as a somewhat intro to my paper.

Fried foods did not exist in ancient cultures due to a lack of tools to extract oils from seeds, but Europeans later discovered that one could extract oil using a round wheel.  The wheel would crush the seeds and oil would flow forth, thus giving way to the invention of frying.  When Europeans later brought it to America, many of the natives rejected it as disgusting, but some Latin America’s did accept it for use in fairs and events.  Once frying eventually caught on in the Americas, colonists began to fry everything including ham, eggs, liver, steak and donuts.

Since its humble beginnings of frying eggs and ham, frying has become a national industry.  Today people fry everything from Twinkies to chocolate to butter.  Fried foods are served anywhere from someones home to fairs and restaurants.  Now fried foods are even being served in high class eating establishments.

I hope all of you liked the look into my paper and I would like to hear what everyone else is doing.  Granted this is like a rough sketch, it may be changed and altered tremendously when I write the actual papers.  I hope everyone has fun writing their papers and attempting to do their own projects and Logan and I are gonna rock the fried foods.

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