Weekly Links (5/2)

For this weeks link post, I lacked inspiration, so I started stumbling. I set the interests to nutrition and heath because they were the most food related and stumbled for about two hours. Needless to say, I’ve found more than enough links for the rest of the year and have learned so many nifty things. 

So, the first set of links is about how to quit junk food “forever,” which sounds quite intense and insane but this website makes it seem reasonable. It made me think what an interesting food challenge it would be for a week to try to quit junk food and write our responses to the temptations of junk food. The links are here and here. Oh, and if you are going to read both of these links, I advise you to read them in order.

The second link is about a breakfast cookie. It seems like this would be the perfect substitute for junk food because it’s a “cookie” but it’s actually oats and stuff. Go check it out here.

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One Response to Weekly Links (5/2)

  1. William Popov says:

    No. I would completely refuse to do this food challenge.
    1. “junk food” is different for everyone.
    2. I can eat all of the cookies, chocolate, and half&half that I want.

    So there. I need calories, and I shall obtain them in the manner that I please.

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