Tastes are made, not born..(4/27)

Title: Quote, Mark Twain

Much of what we do, scientists have discovered, is completely mind over matter. Maybe food is no different. There may be no difference between Coke and Pepsi, and everyone who takes the blind taste test very well might fail. But like I said, it’s all mind over matter. A Pepsi lover is going to hate drinking Coke, and therefore they will tell themselves that they are drinking something totally disgusting when handed a Coke. However, there is something else to be said here. Give them a Dr. Pepper, and the difference will be significant.

So, does it really matter? I really don’t think it does. Taste is completely mind over matter. So, if you give someone from Idaho an Idaho and a Maine potato, and they know which is which, they will obviously say the Idaho potato is of much higher quality. However, because they tell themself this, it can boost the local economy. Half of America’s problem right now is all of our money is going out of the country to imported goods instead of being circulated within the school.

The fact that we can nearly completely convince ourselves that we do or do not like something is really an extraordinary thought. If one is starving or stranded, and has to live on maybe only one kind of food for a significant amount of time, being able to tell themselves and convince themselves that they like it will keep them eating and keep them from starving. It’s an insane ability that most people really take for granted. Living in a somewhat privileged society as we do, people forget how very simple it is for them to get anything they want to eat at pretty much any time of day they desire. In third-world countries where people are forced to live on the exact same food day after day, though they are probably very unhappy, surely they have to convince themselves that they are okay with what they are eating day after day in order to avoid going completely insane.

So basically, so what if taste is completely in our heads? If a celebrity endorses a food, it’s going to get eaten by everyone in the world whether it is good or not. However, despite the down sides to this, it is really an extraordinary ability that we have to be able to tell ourselves what to taste. We should see this as a privilege, not a downfall.

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