I wanted that title Popov (4/27)

In class this week, as most of you should know, we have been discussing the book The history of the world in Six Glasses.  In one part of the book it discusses how in ancient civilizations wine was considered a luxury.  It says that not only was wine a luxury but that the best wine came from a special southern hillside in Europe and that wine was the best.  In today’s world the “best” wines come from Chile and Spain.  Although some wines and foods are better than others, such as box wine compared to bottled wine or Wonder bread versus homemade bread, but there is also a large amount of opinion in food criticism.  Even though certain foods are actually better than others, some foods are exactly the same but people think that one is better than the other.

In my own personal opinion Coke is better than Pepsi.  This belief has been forming since I was a small child and my family only had coke in the house.  The personal preference of Coke is just that, a personal preference.  There are no facts to back up my opinion that Coke is better, just my opinion.  Coke and Pepsi are basically the same thing, but people generally like one more than the other.

Although some criticism about food is based on opinion, other parts of it are based on indisputable fact.  As Mr. Knight said before structured tonight, “Some wine is wine, while other wine is just vinegar.”  There is no denying that warm homemade cookies are better than Chips A’hoy.  A discussed in class, a strawberry from one field and a strawberry from a field ten miles away taste just the same, people only think they taste different.  A fresh ripe apple tastes better than an apple ripened in the trunk on the way to the Walmart, but an apple from the north side of the tree and one from the west side HAVE NO DIFFERENCE.

Thank you all very much for listening to me rant on about objectivity and subjectivity.  Oh, and Coke is still better than Pepsi.

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2 Responses to I wanted that title Popov (4/27)

  1. porteram says:

    Maybe you should’ve gone with objectivity vs. subjectivity instead if you wanted that title. Mix it up a bit.

  2. bethanyhartley says:

    Did you and Logan just not go to class yesterday and hear the whole “absolutely no difference between coke and pepsi; there have been studies done” thing? I think you should remember that when you say one is better because they are both the same and they are both exceptionally terrible.

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