I Do and I Don’t (4/27)

Wine was the foundation of pretentiousness (Does that mean Pabst Blue Ribbon is the newest pretentious thing, because hipsters drink it?). Only the truly rich could purchase and consume the drink, just so they could look down upon other people. Now nearly anyone can be a wine person, enjoying the different brands and flavors. Some people might take it a bit too far, though. Well, I wouldn’t say “too far,” actually. There are no major wars happening because of wine fanboyism, and it is always nice to have some form of entertainment. For those that do not know, a fanboy is someone that takes a stand for something and fights for it in ridiculous ways. Examples include, but are not limited to: Xbox fanboys, Sony fanboys, Nintendo fanboys. Fanboys can even be fanboys of different vineyards or wines. I imagine people arguing over glasses of wine, saying that one vineyard-or-another from this three-mile-wide area in Napa Valley yields the best red wine. In all seriousness, grapes grown in the same area are going to taste the same. They are not different. If the wines are produced in the same way (which I am pretty sure most wines are made the same way) then they should not taste different. It is just our silly human perception.

This subjectivity is what makes people think that two grapes from different vineyards in the same area taste different. Trust me, they are just trying to sound cultured, and they cannot taste a difference. A grape from a vineyard in Napa Valley and one in France, those definitely will, in fact, taste different. The climates are a bit different, the soil composition is probably extremely different. The grapes will taste a bit different, and so will the wines. There is definitely some objectivity in food, but subjectivity plays such a major role in human society, one can hardly see through the fanboyism.

The cola wars? Ridiculous. I understand that Coke and Pepsi taste slightly different, due to different ingredient lists and concocting processes, but there is no need to fight over which one is better. Both are massive corporations, they do not need people to fight for them, they could just hire a professional boxer or something. Just, calm down people.

Seems like Summer’s just a state of mind,

Hulking Manatee


About Hulking Manatee

I'm an MSSMer, so... I'm insane. Yes, absolutely insane. Bonkers, even.
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2 Responses to I Do and I Don’t (4/27)

  1. bethanyhartley says:

    Hmm this is interesting. I never would have thought of the term “fanboy” to describe stubborn wine lovers, but I think it works quite nicely and you make a good point.

  2. maoismdoesntwork says:

    I definitely know some wine fanboys.

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