Vegetables lack a sense of purpose when not smothered in parmesan and cream cheese..(4/6)

Spinach and Arichoke DipSpinach and Artichoke Dip

Serves: 10-12 people

You will need:

SpinachTwo 13.5 oz Cans of Spinach

Note: Fresh or Frozen Spinach will work just as well. Taste does not vary between the different kinds of spinach.

Artichoke Hearts

1 Can Whole Artichoke Hearts



1 Stick Salted Butter

Cream Cheese

8 oz Cream Cheese



1/2 Large Onion

Parmesan Cheese

Just over 1/2 Cup Parmesan Cheese




Make sure everything you need is on-hand and easily ready to be used, as the preparation of this dish goes fairly quickly. Allow the butter and cream cheese to sit out of the refridgerator and soften for about 30 minutes prior to preparation time for consistency and convenience’s sake.

Preparing the dish:

Keep onions handyTo begin, your should first chop your onion into large pieces, as shown above. Then, finely chop the onions in a food processor. Set aside, but keep them handy.

Next, place butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

While butter melts in the skillet, stir constantly so it will not burn. Once the butter is melted, add your onions. Stir well. Allow to simmer until golden brown. *
NOTICE: I said golden brown, not dark brown. Dark brown means burned.

Cover the onion and butter mixture and allow to simmer while you prepare the other components of the dish.

Remove water from spinachNext, drain 2 cans of spinach in a colander. Since the spinach needs to be as dry as possible, squeeze it with your hands to remove extra water, as shown below. There is no need to be gentle with the spinach (or for that matter, any component of this dish). Allow to continue draining in the sink until you are ready to add the spinach to the dish.

Artichoke HeartsNext, you can prepare your artichokes. First, remove the water from your can of artichoke hearts. Then, cut them in half and place in the food processor. Process to the desired consistency.*

NOTE: Artichokes can simply be thinly sliced and added to the dish. Nothing will change in cooking methods or taste, just consistency. It’s really all about preference.

Finished onions and butter

Set aside the chopped and/or processed artichoke hearts and return to your butter and onion mixture. Once you can see that the onions are beginning to brown and there is considerably less liquid in your skillet, turn down the heat to medium.

Add Cream Cheese

Add your cream cheese to the mixture. It will help to break it up with the spatula and stir as best you can. Allow the cream cheese to begin to melt in the skillet, and continue stirring to avoid burning.

Next, add the spinach. Mix as well as possible. Stir for about a minute to allow the cream cheese and spinach blend well together.

Add ArtichokeWhen the spinach and cream cheese seem well mixed, add the artichoke. Stir until the dish has a consistent texture, and is visibly well-mixed.

Next, add the parmesan cheese, leaving just enough to be added to the top before baking, ifAdd Parmesan Cheese desired. Stir well.

Your spinach and artichoke dip is now ready to be consumed! Or, for a better blend of flavors (as if it could get any better)…STAY TUNED!

Allow your spinach and artichoke dip to sit, covered, in the refridgerator over night. This will allow the dish time to blend in its flavors well before consumption, and result in an overall more pleasant experience. The next morning, coat the dish in a layer of parmesan cheese. Just before the dish is ready to be served, preheat an oven to 350 degrees and bake the dish covered for ten minutes. Remove the cover and bake for 10 more minutes, or until edges begin to bubble. Your spinach and artichoke dip has now reached absolute perfection! Serve by itself, with tortilla chips, melba toast, or crackers. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Vegetables lack a sense of purpose when not smothered in parmesan and cream cheese..(4/6)

  1. Hulking Manatee says:

    Well, it served the amount it was supposed to. We ate that in probably five minutes.

  2. kaseyjosander says:

    I thoroughly disagree with the title; however the dip was still amazing. Thanks!

    Secondly, how would fresh spinach differ from canned? Would you have to change the recipe at all?

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