When Bread Costs $10 Million – April 4th

Because I Seem To Have Some Sort Of Sadistic Fixation With Dictatorships And Food Shortages .

Zimbabwe used to be my pet country-to-complain-about.  Or, rather, Robert Mugabe used to be my favourite “leader” to get angry about, more so because he’s fallen under the radar recently.  But the country that used to be Africa’s bread basket slid into hyperinflation and food shortages so dramatically that I don’t really see how.  These days, one in three Zimbabwean children are malnourished, there are droughts further devastating a country that’s been kicked to the ground by it’s own evil president, and crops (mostly maize) are down to 50% of what they were in the ’90s.  A couple years ago, the cost of a loaf of bread hit $10 Million Zimbabwean dollars – that’s equal to only a couple of U.S. ones.  The majority of the country buys its food on the black market with South African money, and can never tell if their billions of Zimbabwean dollars will be enough to buy a meal with.  How does this happen?!

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