Link: TED – Heribert Watzke on the Brain in Our Gut (4/3)

The brain in our gut

I was just browsing and found this interesting talk. For the first few minutes, he basically says exactly the same things that Wrangham said in his book. But then he goes out on a new tangent: we have a “second brain” in our gut and it plays a surprisingly large part in our daily lives without us even realizing it.

Watch it.

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2 Responses to Link: TED – Heribert Watzke on the Brain in Our Gut (4/3)

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Fascinating stuff, William. It sounds like this guy has a lot in common intellectually with Wrangham, but he is coming down more on the physiological end of the cooking hypothesis. I can’t say I am entirely comfortable with his proposed approach to the problem of obesity, though. What do you think?

  2. William Popov says:

    If by his approach to obesity, you mean how he talked about the sense of being “full” not functioning or being overridden, then I completely agree with you. That may be a factor in certain cases, but I think that by far the large majority of obese people are obese because of too much food, too fatty or sugary food, and not enough physical activity.

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