North Korea – March 28th

We’ve talked a bit about food in economics (chips ahoy cookies that freakishly dissolve in saliva and leave it tasting icky so you go back for more, etc., etc.) but not an awful lot in politics… it’s a fairly easy jump to make, but I suppose we jumped straight into Wrangham without much time.  Food shortages and the things that cause them interest me rather too much, and North Korea is a kind of classic example.  It’s a particularly interesting issue due to the interaction of (disastrous) politics and inconvenient geography.  The land doesn’t lend itself well to farming, so food is expensive to begin with because so much has to be imported, and the way North Korea has dealt with its citizens and other countries has been far from productive – distribution methods seem to have rendered farmers undermotivated, because they won’t benefit from producing better/more crops, and, quite honestly, were I a wealthier country with resources to donate, I’d think twice about providing throwing them over that particular fence.

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One Response to North Korea – March 28th

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    A thought-provoking post, Imogen. I can’t say I disagree with your assessment, but that just brings us to the question: what WOULD you do? Clearly, a fundamental shift is needed to feed North Korea, but what, where, and how? Consider it an extra credit assignment.

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