Link: Eat Snow (3/28)

So yeah, I’m practically high on the stuff already, why not eat it? Today when I was skiing, I suddenly felt the urge to nom the valley and the cold and the snow below me. I want to inhale it and be part of it.

So I guess some say it’s good for you and helps kidney function. Others say it has pollutants and other nasties in it.

I’m pretty content to lay in it and ski through it and occasionally munch on it, but I’m not sure of its nutritional content…


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2 Responses to Link: Eat Snow (3/28)

  1. kaseyjosander says:

    Okay, let’s clarify what snow is. Basically, it is frozen water with some other stuff that it picked up in the atmosphere. Thus, when we eat snow, we are just eating water, right? Well, I suppose it would take the body more energy to digest snow than it would for water. (First, the body would have to change the snow to water.) Also, it might lower the bodies temperature if eaten in large enough quantities. However, one is still essentially drinking water. I fail to see how that would improve kidney function anymore than drinking a glass of water…..I did notice that the article was specifically vague.

  2. porteram says:

    Ok, I don’t care who tells me it’s safe; there’s no way you’re going to get me eating snow that falls naturally. Even if it is completely uncontaminated from the ground, it’s just really gross to think about eating. There is a reason we filter our water. Eating snow would be like going to any old nasty lake and drinking from it. There are reasons that is inadvisable. I think I’ll stick to water, thanks.

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