Personal Response- Deceptive Foods (3/23)

One thing that stood out to me this week was Ben’s post about the Jamba Juice smoothies (By the way Ben, please don’t be insulted by anything I’m about to say). When I read this is reminded me about all those foods that we are brainwashed into thinking are so healthy but in reality are probably the worst thing you could be eating.

I believe the prime example is salad. It seems so good for you until you decide that just a little bit of dressing can’t hurt, and then a little bit of cheese can’t hurt and then a little bit of crispy chicken can’t hurt either… and before you know it, your salad is worse for you than a Big Mac. This is how I picture these smoothies. The website says they use only the bestĀ ingredients, but then again, that’s exactly what McDonald’s says about their ingredients too.

Looking at the nutrition facts I see that one of their smoothies has almost 600 calories! And it’s called a Matcha Green Tea Blast, which sounds completely healthy, yet has 127 carbs! Or the banana berry that has 560 calories! Or the chunky strawberry topper that has 570 calories! In comparison a Big Mac has 590 calories and only has 47 carbs. In the smoothie’s defense, they do have servings of fruits and veggies, but the Big Mac has “moderate levels or all it’s measured nutrients.”

Now this may be completely up for interpretation, but it seems to me that berries and beets blended together would taste really terrible. I mean, you have fruit smoothies and you have vegetable smoothies, but the two are never supposed to be mixed in my opinion, unless you have a death wish. But I suppose they are doing business and the beet and berry smoothies have sold enough to be on the home page, so I guess there must be something good about them.

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