Personal Response (3/23)

In this weeks class, we have been discussing the gender roles in most societies.  This is a very difficult topic to discuss due to many people becoming offended with others views.  having said this, I believe that we as a class did a very good job at not overstepping any boundaries.  I cannot say the same for the author.  I found his writing horrible offensive, and I do realize that he was trying to make a point, but he could have done it more artfully.  He discusses how in almost all societies the male go’s and hunts in some form or another and the female stays home and gathers.  He also talks about how women generally cook the food and when the man returns from a days work, that he doesn’t have time to cook.

I know that, at least in my family, that men and women help each other with the household chores whenever they can.  Whenever one of my parents has had a long day at work, the other one either makes dinner or does the chores in the house.  Wrangham tries to make it seem as though in all societies, women stay home and do all the house work and that men go out and do other, “better”, jobs.  He emphasizes certain cultures tendency do this and make it seem like a positive thing.  I believe that it is not something that should be taken lightly and that it almost disgraces women.  It makes it look as though they are not as “good” as men and should do the less taxing jobs because they are women.

In class we also talked about how the person who gets the most benefit out of a relationship is the offspring.  If a mother has the choice of feeding her significant other, or her child, she will generally choose the child.  If a couple has a kid, then they will almost certainly try and better the child rather than waste their time on different tasks.  Whatever all of you think, I hope that you can see this issue from my point of view.  haha

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3 Responses to Personal Response (3/23)

  1. maoismdoesntwork says:

    Thank you, Ben. This is a very sensitive response to a very sensitive subject, and I think you’ve dealt with it far better than Wrangham. It’s not really acceptable for a Harvard professor of anthropology to use such careless language as he did in this part of his book, and while there are a million tricky generalizations and exceptions to step around when talking about gender roles, you’re right to call him out on it.

  2. Hulking Manatee says:

    I do feel that Wrangham is alienating himself from some of his viewers with the way he presents his arguments in the last few chapters, so I thank you for presenting that.

  3. porteram says:

    I also agree that our class did a very good job of not treating the topic disrespectfully. And I’d like to second Logan’s comment.

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