From Stars to Food, or Something Like That. (3/23)

I just wrote an astronomy topic report on the origin of life. I think I shall keep with the  general topic here.

Yeah, so the last chapter in Catching Fire is probably one of the more enlightening ones so far. It takes what Wrangham has been hashing and rehashing and rehashing again throughout the book and puts it all into a neat little package. It really neatly ties up his theory (a very plausible one in my opinion) on how cooking has influenced not only human culture, but human physiology. He also emphasizes the vital role that fire played in human evolution, from potentially helping to keep us warm, to fending off predators (which may have indirectly led to a more stable food supply), to cooking, which he considers the most important event in human history, or at least it trying to make us believe so).

I don’t know exactly why, but the whole concept of why we are who we are has been on mind quite a bit lately. I find it fascinating to learn first in astronomy and chemistry about the atoms within us were first formed deep within the massive bodies of stars billions of years ago, then to be in math or English or food studies and see how much we have developed and changed, and the beauty of the human mind in that it can look back and think about and perceive and study all of it. Isn’t it amazing?

And then the fact that food is such a large part of our daily lives. I may be constantly thinking about my IMM (CRAP. I HAVE TO DO THAT!), my paper due tomorrow, and whatever else I have to do, but eventually, it all comes back to food. I notice that I haven’t eaten the cafeteria’s dinner since Sunday because of my skiing addiction. I want more half and half. Deep down, food is really what keeps us going, and able to all of the above (homework, skiing, philosophy, whatever).

P.S. Many MSSM’ers believe that it is not food, but caffeine that keeps us going. This is untrue.

Anywho, now I’m starting to ramble. Спокойной Ночи

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One Response to From Stars to Food, or Something Like That. (3/23)

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Very, very untrue William. I proudly assert that is possible to make it not only through high school but also college and then back to high school without developing a severe caffeine addiction. It really does all come back to food: not matter what you do with your life, every single day has to revolve around mealtimes, whatever that means to you.

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