Bite To Break Skin (3/23)

This week’s reading has been interesting. What interested me in particular was the gender difference in hunter-gatherer societies, and especially how the offspring got the best of the best. The men of the tribe hunt, the women gather roots, tubers, fruits and things. The babies and children either go along with the women and get fed or have fun back at home and get fed. They have got it easy.

I have got it easy, actually, without being in a hunter-gatherer society. I myself am a kid, not and I do not actually have to pay for all of my meals and things. My parents take care of that stuff. I get most of my meals literally handed to me in the cafeteria, and it is quite nice. Soon, though, I will be expected to pay for my meals and things, to work to obtain them. It is a scary thought, actually, but I cannot wait.

Just because I cannot wait to work for whatever I am going to eat doesn’t mean that I don’t like getting everything handed to me. It is pretty awesome, actually. I wonder why parents put up with us. We are usually picky eaters, extremely selfish and annoying. Humans are ridiculously weird.

I know that when I was younger, I was extremely picky about what I ate. It has changed a lot now, though I still have some foods I will not eat. I do not like tomatoes, or tomato based products, or tomato derivatives. I just do not like the blasted red things. Otherwise, I usually try foods wholeheartedly. As long as they do not look disgusting, of course. Personally, I think picky eating developed out of having an excess of food, and expanded choices. If I lived in a hunter-gatherer society, I would eat tomatoes and like them, probably, if they were the only thing to eat at the time. But I have a choice, which is just awesome. So, no tomatoes for me.

We children are treated to nicely nowadays, so I say that parents should have a day where the child has to pay for everything. Now that I actually think of it, that sounds like a bad idea.

So follow me into the sun,

Hulking Manatee


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I'm an MSSMer, so... I'm insane. Yes, absolutely insane. Bonkers, even.
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