Weekly Link (3/21)

My link this week was inspired by Mr. Knight.  I was perusing the internet looking for a website about smoothies when Mr. Knight recommended Jamba Juice. This website combines loads of different fruits, vegetables, and spices.  They have smoothies ranging from the Berry UPbeat to the Berried’n Chocolate.  I need to find a Jamba Juice place somewhere close by because they look amazing.

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2 Responses to Weekly Link (3/21)

  1. bethanyhartley says:

    I feel like most of these smoothies are probably delicious, but, frankly berries and beets together, or oranges and carrots together, unless they had mass amounts of sugar, would taste really terrible. However, I feel like these probably do have mass amounts of sugar in them because of the extremely fake color on the homepage suggesting food dyes and bad things with them.

  2. Hulking Manatee says:

    We need to make the purple monstrosity, of course. After break?

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