Weekly Link (3/16) Mirliton Casserole

Since there has only been one food studies class this week, I have decided to write about the Mirliton Casserole.  As many of the kids in the school know, Mary Margeret’s mother  is a wonderful cook and as soon as I saw her, I knew there was something good to eat.  Learning about the mirliton, also called a chayote, was very interesting and I had never seen one before.  The initial smell of the cooked piece was that of a turnip and so was the first bite.  The only strange thing about it was that it was cold and had the texture of a soft pear.  It also looked like an extremely juicy pear and felt the same way.  The raw piece of chayote had the texture of a very unripe apple and tasted much like a green bean.  The odd flavors of the chayote made me a little hesitant but once I smelled the casserole I couldn’t resist.

As soon as Mary Margeret’s mom opened the casserole the room was filled with a deep and rich aroma.  Although the casserole was not aesthetically pleasing, appearing to just be a mass of green schlop and shrimp, once done intensely smelling it, I realized it would be amazing.  Once the wonderful smelling stuff was upon my plate, i could almost feel it in my mouth.  The first bite was wonderful.  The mirliton had gone from a strange turnip/greenbean taste to embody the flavors of the seasonings and the shrimp.  The mirliton had become very much like mashed potatoes and had taken on a green hue.  The shrimp in the dish was well cooked and, as Mary Margeret’s mom said, tasted much better than New England shrimp.  Although I don’t normally love shrimp, I deeply enjoyed this dish.  Along with the main casserole was a nicely made dinner roll.  It could be easily broken into three parts and had a kind of sour taste to it.  I loved the entire experience of trying this new food and hope that Mary Margeret’s mother can visit again soon.  Since the dish was so good, I did a little research on mirlitons on Wikipedia and found some interesting facts that I may post as my next weekly link.

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