Link: Breast Milk Ice Cream?! (3/14)

Well, this is kind of… weird?

Yeah, so there are a lot of people against this, including Lady Gaga, who is threatening to sue because the ice cream makers used her name in the name of the product “Baby Gaga” Most are arguing that this should go to help struggling newborns in hospitals. This is not to mention the risk of diseases and nasty things like that… Didn’t we talk about 90% of diseases in the world being species-specific? Judge for yourself.

Breast Milk Ice Cream

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2 Responses to Link: Breast Milk Ice Cream?! (3/14)

  1. kaseyjosander says:

    I’m fairly certain that they would have to be very careful of getting breast milk for this. Mostly because the HIV virus and AIDS can be transmitted with breast milk. Also, there are some things that are just wrong.

  2. maoismdoesntwork says:

    Though I can imagine this being a risky thing to produce and market, not to mention consume (I’m amazed that this is all coming from one woman), but I don’t know if the argument that this milk should be going to hospitals is valid. Don’t a lot of hospitals prefer to feed ailing babies false milk?

    I think we’re more squeamish about this than genuinely concerned about the health risks. There’s a vague sort of sexual connotation on breast milk, and perhaps people feel the same way about adults consuming it that they feel about eating testicles (I’m not endorsing the consumption of human reproductive organs).

    But I’ll admit that I’m intrigued. Human breast milk is heartbreakingly delicious. Making ice cream out of it seems, to me, slightly LESS weird than sweetening, churning and freezing the mammaric (probably not a word) excretions of some other animal. If I knew that it had been appropriately screened for viruses etc. (the distributors say that they follow milk-and-blood bank screening procedures…who knows?), I would try this. What I object to more is the silly name this ice cream is being sold under.

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