High-tech tomatoes. Mysterious milk. Supersquash. Are we supposed to eat this stuff? Or is it going to eat us?..(3/10)

Title: Quote, Annita Manning.

I believe that Kasey Jo brought up an excellent point in class when she said “Hey, why don’t we just eat both cooked and raw food?” In my opinion, people should really start to accept this obvious point of common sense. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like common sense to most of the population, however, because many people are uneducated about what food actually does in our systems. Sure, they might learn about what vegetables do, and what meat does, but the concept of raw versus cooked food is not really a concept taught in most classrooms. The result is adults trying dangerous and insane diets, simply because they are able to fall into the traps of advertizing due to their lack of education on the subject.

Cooking food is really a science of its own, and most people don’t think about what goes along with that. I know that before joining food studies, I had no idea what cooking did to a piece of fruit, or even why we cooked our meet besides to avoid disease. Ignorance, however, should not be an excuse. I know that everyone, at least in this country, is required to take a health class at some point in their schooling. It doesn’t make any sense that such a major part of the human race, cooking, is not discussed at all.

I have taken numerous classes already that, looking back, probably could have taught me about such topics. For example, why didn’t I learn anything about this in Biology class? For that matter, why didn’t I learn anything about humans in biology? I was told at the beginning of the year in biology that the definition of biology is the study of all living things. Why weren’t humans included in that study of living things?

I think that the major problem right now is that humans are so focused on learning about everything around them, that they completely forget that our bodies are actually a science in themselves. And I think that high school anatomy classes is too late for people to start realizing this. People should learn at a much younger age what being human means. If cooking really does make us human, as Wrangham has been trying to persuade us to believe, then why doesn’t anybody know this? What an organism eats is a major part of what makes its biological structure. Why are so many people ignorant about this point? In my opinion, it is far more important than it is currently being made out to be.

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