Ramblings On Winter Food and Such (3/9)

So this week, Imogen’s post about summer particularly aroused some sort of deep thought process deep within my brain. It made me think about the winter, the skiing, the things I’ll miss, the things I won’t. It seems like it’s been so long since December, when studying was driving me insane, the amazing relief of December break, our trip to the Bahamas.

Imogen made me think about all of these things, and along with them, the food. School food is boring. It can be nasty at times, it can be slightly satisfying, but it is always, always boring. Every day it’s one variation or another on pasta, chicken, or some other boring food. I’m not trying to be mean or insulting. It’s cheaper this way, and probably makes more sense to some administrator in a state agency somewhere tucked away in Augusta that understands things I could never fathom.

The pleasant shock of going back to the food I love, the food that loves me, during Christmas break was amazing. I got to eat at D’ellies (best place to eat on a pow day at Sugarloaf, or any day for that matter), and got to eat my grandmother’s amazing cooking.

 The food we had at the Island School in the Bahamas is very difficult to describe. It was all very good; all wholesome, energy-rich, taste-rich, and just generally fun to be around. Meal times were always welcomed (especially after doing a bike-run or a snorkel or shark fishing all morning or afternoon). I particularly enjoyed the duck eggs. They are very rich and taste much better than chicken eggs, in my humble opinion. However, the food that I was most in love with on Eleuthera was the Feta cheese. Good lord. I would eat their whole can from the lunch bar every day. IT WAS SO GOOD. I always sensed a sort of irritation from the lunch ladies when they’d see me. I’d have the whole selection of foods piled on to my plate, and then, the main focus: Feta. Feta was not just a topping or a flavoring, it was a whole course. I could eat pounds upon pounds of that cheese if there were enough (insert milk-producing animal here)s in the world to supply it for me. The taste was absolutely unique; it had the usual cheesy flavor, but there was also this perfect accent of mildly acidic something or other that would pleasantly sting my tongue.

I miss that Feta.

Oh my god. We had February break already, didn’t we? Well, repeat the food shock of going back to love after 6 weeks here.

So yeah, when the Snow is gone, when the grass is green again (it depresses me to think about it…), I’ll think back and remember the winter of 2010-2011, and the countless pieces of Chocolate Torte, the Feta cheese, the bagels, the pizza, the Borscht, etc. that I had, and I’ll dream. And then it will be winter again.

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