Personal Response- Raw Eggs? (3/9)

This weeks reading discussed many studies done about eating raw eggs as a nutritional benefit. There has forever been much controversy over this so I decided to do some research to clarify. 

I found one website that had quite a bit of helpful information. It tells how eggs have countless amounts of nutrients in them, including Vitamins A, B2, B5, B12, E, D, and K along with 20% of the daily recommended protein. This website, like raw-foodists, claim that heating the eggs reduces the vitamin content. They back this up by giving examples of vita mans that become weaker and less prominent while cooking. However, this loss of vitamins may lose precedence to the better taste of cooked eggs.

The reading in “Catching Fire” also discussed the digestibility of raw food compared to cooked food. The website mentioned above and many other have shown that cooking eggs decreases how much protein you can digest from the egg. On the website above the study they used showed that raw, it is possible to digest on average 94% of the eggs protein. However, when that egg comes out of the frying pan, you will only be able to digest about 55-64% of the egg’s protein. Although, it is not known whether this is true because the egg looses protein when it is cooked or whether the protein, after cooking, merely becomes indigestible.

Another website I found, discussed the danger, or lack thereof,  of salmonella in raw eggs. They claim that the risk of getting salmonella is .0113%. However, 26% of these cases of salmonella were found in children under five. Although this is sad, it means that if you are over five your chances of getting salmonella are decreased to .00836%. Also, the first website gave the estimate that your risk for salmonella is a 1 in 30,000 chance. It has also been said that washing the shells of the eggs can help to prevent salmonella. However, since salmonella occurs in chickens who are diseased, there is a very high chance that that chickens eggs will not be able to be sold because the chicken is ill, therefore, further reducing the risk.

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One Response to Personal Response- Raw Eggs? (3/9)

  1. maoismdoesntwork says:

    THANK YOU for clearing this up. I can’t say how many condemning looks I’ve gotten from my parents’ friends for eating raw cookie and bread dough. I also kind of adore the name of the second site you’ve linked.

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