Personal Response (3/9)

All of the classes this week have been discussing raw foods or raw food diets.  As we discussed the fruitarians and continued discussing the instinctualists, all I think about was cooking a rack of ribs or eating a burger.  I realized that I love all things cooked and even though things, such as fruits, are generally eaten raw, they can still be good cooked.

In the reading of “Catching Fire” this week, Richard Wrangham has tried to convince us that we, humans, are evolved to eat cooked foods.  There are so many signs that we should eat cooked food, such as our small jaw muscles or relatively small digestive systems.  Many of the signs point towards us not supposed to be eating an entirely raw diet.  Our bodies cannot run efficiently off of just raw foods and it needs to be able to digest things easily.  To survive on a raw food diet, one needs to either consume insane amounts of raw fruits and vegetables or protein rich raw meats.

One of the things we read this week horrified me.  The fruitarian diet just sounds insane, eating only foods that have fallen off the vine or tree is absurd.  It fell off for a reason, its either overripe or has a worm in it or something.  Also when something touches the ground it gets all kind of diseases and bacteria, that humans are not adapted to fight, on it.  I personally would never even attempt this diet due to its danger and its lack of certain foods.  On this diet, you could not eat almost any meat or fish unless you have a death wish, any processed foods like chips or chocolate, or any pre-made drinks.  Although raw food diets seem interesting and a cool thing to try, I am convinced by Mr. Wrangham that cooked food is the way to go.

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