Weekly Link – March 8th

I’ve been very interested by the Maillard reactions and molecules we’ve been discussing, and did a little more research.  Cooks Illustrated, a hilariously obsessive scientific cooking semimonthly publication which I relish to no end at all, has a very pro-caramelization platform and therefore discusses them a lot.  The first example usually given of Maillard reactions is an incidence of browning such as bread crust, but I found this, a very interesting taste-test on the Cooks Illustrated web site, discussing Maillard components in soy sauce, and their importance to all sorts of flavours.  I like this, because soy sauce hadn’t occurred to me as something that makes use of “caramelization compounds” and I was really surprised.

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One Response to Weekly Link – March 8th

  1. bensmgb says:

    Oh my gosh, I never knew that some soy sauces were made by fermenting soybeans and other stuff. I just find that a little strange and will probably never look at soy sauce the same again.

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