Link: U.N Says World Vulnerable to Food Crises (duh) (3/7)

Wall Street Journal on Food Crises

So yeah, here’s some pretty obvious news. I didn’t post this, however, for the purpose of impressing or awing you. It is a factual article that provides the actual facts (percentages and the like) on hunger and rising food costs.

I actually find it pretty scary and eye-opening to see just how many people in the world do not have enough food to eat. It makes most of our problems seem minor in perspective. I guess a dose of humility is good for us once in a while.

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3 Responses to Link: U.N Says World Vulnerable to Food Crises (duh) (3/7)

  1. bethanyhartley says:

    This reminds me a lot of the book we read with the pictures of what different countries eat. Well, it would if I could read the link…. Also, I agree with your humility statement.

  2. maoismdoesntwork says:

    Yes, we need a WSJ subscription to read the full article…

  3. William Popov says:

    Oh my, I’m terribly sorry.
    That is very strange though, I do not have a WSJ subscription, I was just browsing through Google News and saw it, and I could read the whole thing. However, now when I click on this link, it says I need one.

    I will try to solve the problem here and will reply again when/if I figure something out.

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