All Nite Diner (3/7)

I wonder if there is a cheese called “Logan.” After a brief visit here, I found that there is no cheese that goes by the name of Logan, which I find is quite reasonable. is an online resource of all different types of cheeses, and it even has a list of different types with textures, types of milk, and nationality of different cheeses. Not quite surprisingly, this site also provides recommended wines for different types of cheeses. That I can appreciate, as I just imagine all of the work required to create such a database.

-Have I Told Ya?



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One Response to All Nite Diner (3/7)

  1. maoismdoesntwork says:

    Thanks for this site, Logan. I typed “manchego” into the search window, and was quite impressed with the mixture of technical and historical information I got back. I hadn’t known about the Quixotic connection, either.

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