Weekly Link- A New Weight Loss Solution? No, Definitely Not. (3/7)

This weeks link is about the benefits of a raw diet. The home page of this website boasts about how you can lose so much weight on this raw diet that they are presenting. What they don’t tell you, is that you only lose weight because you’re not getting the nutrients you need! However, the link does have some good recipes for healthier food options.

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2 Responses to Weekly Link- A New Weight Loss Solution? No, Definitely Not. (3/7)

  1. William Popov says:

    From what I gather from what we have read, purely raw food is not going to work for an extended period of time, no matter who you are. I don’t know about others, but to me this seems like one of the countless cheap, cheesy, and possibly scam-infested diet sites out there. I would exercise caution when looking at these, and unless they were recommended by my doctor or are obviously reputable, I personally would not do anything on them. I think that if the people coming up with these “raw food diets” were to attend one of our food studies classes, they might change their minds.
    My $0.02

  2. porteram says:

    Yeah, websites like this tend to not have a lot of credibility. Like we talked about in class, when making an argument, few people actually make the distinction between losing and gaining weight according to which you need to do and health

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