Bury Your Flame (2/2)

I suppose I should read the assigned reading for tomorrow before posting, because some of my questions may be answered… One moment.

That’s better.

Anyone who has read my Food Philosophy knows that I love bacon, just as any man should, and not being able to eat it cooked? That would be terrible.

The raw food diets outlined in the book “Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human,” by Richard Wrangham, seem just ridiculous and  all too restricting to me. I would not be able to eat my delicious bacon, or poutine, or the bacon bomb (an abomination of delicious decadence, if that even makes sense). Being restricted to all uncooked foods, that would be difficult in and of itself, but with the negative aspects shown, I just would not want to try the diet, let alone actually sustain myself for extended periods of time off of only raw foods.

Lower amounts of energy, constant hunger… I do not want to have to deal with these things. I usually have enough energy to get me through the day, even at MSSM, and I skip breakfast many days just because of time constraints. For instance, this morning I woke up at eight A.M. with a lab book to finish writing, and an hour and a half to do that and get ready. If I was on the raw food diet, I would not have had the time to squeeze and blend my wheat grass for a nice breakfast, rather than just eat a granola bar, which is what I used to get some quick energy.

I personally enjoy raw cauliflower more than steamed, and cabbage, in my eyes, is much nicer raw than cooked. But those are just some of the things I eat raw, I usually eat my food cooked, in one way or another. It seems odd to me, actually, thinking about what I eat raw and what I eat cooked. It is always fun to look at things in different ways, though.

We could blame it on our hands,



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3 Responses to Bury Your Flame (2/2)

  1. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    I tend to agree with you, Logan. The physiological impact of a raw diet sounds unpleasant enough, but really the major turn off for me is that the raw diet just sounds incredibly boring and un-tasty. The idea that we aren’t meant to eat cooked food just doesn’t square with the fact that we (or I, at least) find cooked food delicious.

  2. kaseyjosander says:

    The one thing that I noticed about the raw food diets is that they are forced to prepare their foods in new (if somewhat unusual) ways. Though I agree that it would be limiting; the diet may offer up some variety with the raw foods we do eat along with our cooked foods.

  3. bethanyhartley says:

    Also, what i’ve noticed with eating raw, is that you can never get a warm meal. Not cooked, just warm, because you can only eat so many salads before you want something in your stomach that is warm and comfy.

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