Personal Response- Is a raw diet my only savior? (3/2)

This weeks reading included a lot of talk about a raw diet. This would include, well, anything raw, it’s quite self explanatory. Anyway, the book mentioned in chapter 1 the author references a book that claims raw food diets improve rheumatoid arthritis.

This claim interested me quite a bit because I have had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for about four years now. Therefore, the possibility that a diet could reduce pain and inflammation caused me to do a little research about the connection between raw food diets and the effect they have on rheumatoid arthritis. The first website I found told the story of a woman with RA who had gone to a clinic that supported a raw food diet as a treatment for RA. She told about her experience and her acquaintances who had largely benefited from the diet.

Next I found two other websites that suggest foods to eat that will reduce RA symptoms. I noticed that every food these two websites mention are a good raw food. Another website I found had a more extensive list but showed the exact same thing. I also learned from the first website, that cutting out dairy from your diet can greatly reduce RA pain. I found this interesting because of the fact that many raw food diets are vegan. So, I began to notice how a raw food diet coincides perfectly the ideal RA diet.

After conducting this research and finding promising treatment for my RA pain, I am somewhat considering one of these RA diets, that are extremely similar to the raw diets we have been reading about in “Catching Fire.” I plan for this to exclude dairy products because of the miraculous claims I saw on every website, yet it will include cooked meat. Simply because I have no other means for getting protein and I have not found that it causes any RA symptoms. Because every medication I have tried for RA has failed, lets hope the diet helps!

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2 Responses to Personal Response- Is a raw diet my only savior? (3/2)

  1. porteram says:

    Wow Bethany! Sounds really interesting. It’s wierd, but my mom has arthritis as well, so that part of chapter 1 struck me as well. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  2. Mr. Sturdy Knight says:

    Great post, Bethany! This is some very interesting stuff you hit on. I’m glad to see that your were inspired to do some research on your own after doing the assigned reading. It seems that you may have discovered a genuinely beneficial aspect to a raw-food diet! As with all diet plans (and for that matter, all things found on the internet), I think you should approach this idea with healthy skepticism. Try it out, and let us know what happens, but don’t try to change everything all at once.

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