So, Before you all label me crazy…(2/28)

Okay, so I’d like to elaborate on my personal food challenge before you all label me crazy. For anyone taking food studies, you know that we’ve said that eating raw is not really better for you because you can’t process raw foods as well. I’m not simply challenging myself to eat raw to be a rebel. My plan is to keep an entirely seperate daily food journal (while at the same time keeping up with Mr. Knight’s), and keep track of any significant changes in my mood, energy levels, etc. I will also keep track of other variables that would effect this such as amount of sleep at night as well.

And, like I said, I will allow myself one cooked meal a day. However, I will try to avoid even that if possible.

Don’t think I’m clever; I read a book where someone did this science experiment once. Coming across it in our class book, however, has just given me an excuse to finally try it. I will report back to all of you, my classmates, how this experiment goes. Just wish me luck and please do not thrust any scrumptious cooked food upon me.

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2 Responses to So, Before you all label me crazy…(2/28)

  1. bethanyhartley says:

    Wow. This seems like a wonderful food challenge! Good luck!

  2. William Popov says:

    Well my good Sister, good luck on your challenge. I will be very interested to learn if it gives you any benefits or negative experiences. Please share when you see changes (if any).

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